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Since 2009, your local electricians at E.P.I.C. Electric have been serving the Metroplex with honesty and integrity.

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Need An Electrician Fort Worth TX Natives Trust?

Are you looking for an electrician Fort Worth TX locals recommend? We are here to meet your needs! We are E.P.I.C. Electric, and we believe in making our clients’ lives easier by providing the best results possible. We employ the kind of electrician residents that have come to trust with the things that matter most: the safety of our customers’ homes and families.

We are licensed, approved, and ready to help. Because of our dedication and the hard work completed by our electrician residents say that we provide fantastic service. If you are experiencing any electrical issues for any reason, we urge you to get in contact with us to receive the best service around! Click here to learn more about us.

Why Locals Choose Us As Their Electrician Fort Worth TX

Each E.P.I.C. Electric electrician Fort Worth TX residents have come to recommend, is ready to help you with your electrical needs as soon as possible. Our natives’ love is the best possible option for all things electric. We strive to always outperform the competition. Come find out why we are the best company and leave satisfied after you give us a call!

Another important reason to call our general electrical services Texas: you may think your electrical issues are not harmful or dangerous when in reality, they do pose a risk to you and your family. Only experts’ eyes will be able to thoroughly inspect your home and determine whether or not there is anything to be concerned about. We often get calls about minor issues, but upon close evaluation of our client’s homes, we sometimes find evidence of a more significant electrical problem.

The Best Electrician Service in Fort Worth TX You Could Ever Hire!

Are you seeking the best Fort Worth electricians who can take care of all of your electrical needs? Well, you are in the right place! We are E.P.I.C. Electric, dedicated to making our clients’ lives more accessible in terms of electricity.

The days of an electrician Fort Worth Texas residents couldn’t count on are over. The electricians who add electrical equipment to your bill and go over budget are not what you want, and we know that! You will never find an E.P.I.C. Specialized Electrical Services Fort  Worth TX locals trust, show up to the job late. Our clients have always been our top priority since we began providing services, and we have never wavered on that. Our professional electricians are aware of and ready to fix/replace anything your home or commercial circuits may encounter.

Your Favorite Fort Worth Electricians

Our electricians are highly sought after because of the trust level we share with our clients. When we work at your home, we consider your property our own and try to bring out the best, budget-friendly solutions for your problems. From your favorite TV, home theater, or sound system installations to recessed lights and the like- we have done it all and make sure to do it right. Our customers are satisfied with our work upon completion of the projects and we hope you will be as well when you notice the quality of our service!

We are highly responsive and always ready to help you out whenever you might need us. Give us a call for any electrical help you might require in your home or workspace. We will ensure that we get the job done efficiently, reliably, and economically!

The Electricians Fort Worth TX Residents Want!

We have already explored why using an electrician in Fort Worth is critical for installations, repairs, and inspections. Those are all reasons why we believe hiring our electricians will benefit you. Everyone desires and appreciates a sense of security and comfort in their houses. Hiring a skilled electrician in Fort Worth who knows their way around will help you achieve this swiftly in terms of electrical demands. In addition, an expert would understand what is causing a specific problem and what that problem could lead to in the future. Rest assured that they will do everything they can to make things as simple as possible for you.

We also serve in the following areas like Arlington, Lewisville, DentonGrapevineSouthlakeKeller, and Irving.

Do you need help with Electrical Maintenance?

We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

Electrical Contractors Fort Worth Texas Natives Recommend!


If a client requests it, our Texas commercial electrical company can also handle exterior installations. If you are putting together a deck living space and need a TV and a sound system, we’ve got you covered! Additionally, any other installations that you may require, such as a home theatre, hot tub installation, and landscape lighting are all covered by our extensive knowledge and unrivaled competence. Our highly skilled electrician will ensure that you have no risks or difficulties while providing the flawless electrical service that we are recognized for!


A Residential Electrician Fort Worth TX Locals Rely On

Are you searching for a residential electrician Fort Worth TX residents can put their faith in to install electric chargers? These days, electric car charging stations are a must-have, especially for recently purchased electric vehicles. What good is your automobile if you do not have a hassle-free car charging station installed at home? Use the residential electrician Fort Worth TX locals prefer because when it comes to providing a cost-effective, trustworthy, and speedy electric vehicle charging stations installation or repair service, we guarantee that our Fort Worth electricians will leave no stone unturned.

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Electric car chargers usually come in three categories, and we determine the optimal one for you based on your driving habits. If you can’t leave your car to charge for 20 hours every day, you need to use a level 2 charger. We can easily install level 2 chargers in your garage. The ones you see at public charging stations, on the other hand, are Level 3 chargers that require a lot of power and a lot of money to install. As a result, residences are not the best environment for those. These are some of the things we want you to know about the level 2 chargers that we install and repair:

  • Pre-installation, we evaluate your equipment and the installation site to ensure that everything appears to be in good working order.
  • Improve the electrical system to allow for faster charging upon request.
  • Check the equipment after it’s been installed to make sure it is working correctly.
  • Provide a detailed understanding of the equipment.

Once the installation has been completed, our customers are always welcome to ask questions about their installations, maintenance, or anything else relating to power before we leave your home.

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We are a Licensed Electrician Fort Worth TX Residents Love!

We are here to make your life easier. If you’re looking for a commercial electrician, we have an incredible offer for you! We are a licensed electrician Fort Worth TX citizens rely on, that has been providing commercial services for many years. Our commercial electrical services that are both speedy and cost-effective set us apart from our competitors. We, like you, put in a lot of effort for our company and our clients. We put our all into both our electrical work and our customer service. Our licensed electrician Fort Worth TX locals trust is on standby and ready to assist you!