Expert Electrician Keller TX Service That Residents Can Rely On

Since 2009, your local electricians at E.P.I.C. Electric have been serving the Metroplex with honesty and integrity.


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Expert Electrician Keller TX Service That Residents Can Rely On

Whatever your reason may be for calling, we want to assist you with your electrical needs.  Don’t fret over any electrical problems you are facing because E.P.I.C. Electric will send an electrician Keller TX locals love your way! E.P.I.C. Electric is well-known for providing appliance installation in Keller, but it is not our only specialization. Our electrician Keller TX residents rely on, knows how to fix/replace panels and circuits as well. Also, when it comes to saving energy, ceiling fans are a huge asset. If you do not have recessed lighting in your home, we can help you install ceiling fans, which is an excellent method to provide overhead lighting.

Furthermore, regardless of the season, these fans will provide a comfortable temperature in each room. Ceiling fans, like other electrical appliances, may require maintenance every few months. Even though a worn-out capacitor frequently causes it, we strongly advise you never attempt to repair anything on your own.

When it comes to delivering electrical solutions for your house, our electricians never employ a one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, when we visit your home for any repair work, we first inspect it before determining the source of the problem. Some issues may be minor, while others may be warning signs of more severe problems. That is why we believe it is critical to be aware of what is going on in your home. Click here to know more about us.

Do you need help with Electrical Maintenance?

We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

Lighting Installations are no problem for our Electrician in Keller TX!

Installations are all fun and games until you find out that a specific device you installed isn’t working properly because you didn’t hire a professional to help you install it correctly. Even worse, if this is an appliance, you will not be able to even claim a warranty now. For times like this, we suggest you call our electricians for the best Keller installation services. We are available to help with any installation you are needing to complete in your house. Whether you are in need of an installation or repair, we will arrive promptly, assess all of the work you are needing done, and walk you through our process. 

With E.P.I.C. Electric’s Keller installation services, your new flat-screen TV is in good hands. To date, our electrician Fort Worth TX has installed at least a thousand televisions, home theatre systems, and sound systems, and we have always had great feedback on our work. Our Keller electrician provides the most high-quality electrical services around. The best aspect about working with us is that we don’t expect you to figure out your technical gadgets and circuits independently. Instead, we’ll give you all of the information you need to know, from energy-saving strategies to how to keep your appliances running well for years to come. 

Not only do our electricians install TVs, but they are also well-trained to install fireplaces. E.P.I.C. Electric installs appliances correctly, so there is no way your homeowner’s insurance or warranty will not cover you if something goes wrong. In addition to TVs, we have also installed generators in multiple homes. Extreme weather, utility power outages, and power surges can occur at any time and can be a huge inconvenience. Having a generator installed by our electricians is not only safe to use, but ensures that you are covered in these tough moments. Whether you have a standby/portable generator or any repair work pending, give us a call right away and let the professionals handle what we do best.