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Since 2009, your local electricians at E.P.I.C. Electric have been serving the Metroplex with honesty and integrity.


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Top Commercial Electrical Services TX You Can Count On

Are you looking for a commercial electrician Dallas locals trust, who would not only provide for all of your electrical needs but also take project management seriously? Then, look no further. E.P.I.C. Electric has successfully worked on many commercial projects, including retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, and more. Each project has different electrical needs, and every structure has a unique system. 

Our commercial electrician Dallas natives love to cover everything. We are known throughout North Texas for our unparalleled services. Whether you want to install the equipment or repair any industrial/commercial appliance, we are experts at both. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to install industrial surge protection too. 

Our experts can assist you in ensuring that you have all of the necessary equipment to keep your business functioning effectively. Our qualified and insured Texas commercial electrical company locals recommend has a wealth of experience installing a wide range of electrical equipment. For example, we can assist you in establishing a power distribution system or purchasing new commercial kitchen appliances. Commercial lighting, car lifts, escalators, generators, car chargers, and transformers are examples of things we have worked on. You can call us to confirm the equipment you want to be installed. We will be pleased to help you through the process! Click here to learn more about us.

Do you need help with Electrical Maintenance?

We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

Hire The Best Commercial Electrician in Fort Worth TX That Locals Appreciate!

E.P.I.C. Electric’s general electrical services business owners rely on can also perform commercial and industrial repairs. Our highly qualified and insured company will get all your repairs done without any stress. Like us, we are aware that your business might come to a halt if a problem occurs with your industrial equipment. Since we don’t want our clients to suffer in any way, we are always quick to fix the problem while also trying our best to keep the cost as low as possible. 

Many businesses suffer each year due to electrical issues, leading to fires or circuit failures that do not only risk their employees’ lives but also can threaten the business’ reputation and revenue. We have repaired electrical wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, lighting, security systems, and generators. Businesses use a relatively large amount of electricity daily. Your steady current may get interrupted by high voltage anytime during the day. To avoid enormous destruction in such cases, we install electrical surge protection. Surge protectors are a relatively low-cost investment but extremely helpful. You can prevent data and client information loss, defective security systems, inoperable machinery, broken HVAC units, and much more. 

Due to the variety of benefits we offer to users, business owners are fans of these life-savers! If you are concerned about an electrical emergency at your company, the commercial electrician Dallas TX business owners stand by is only a call away! Let us know what’s troubling you, and we can evaluate and help you solve the issue in the blink of an eye. We only employ the kind of commercial electrician Dallas TX businesses can fully trust!

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