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Hire Our Electrician Lewisville TX Locals Trust!

At some point, you may need an electrician Lewisville TX residents can rely on, who loves to work their magic at your home or office if any unpleasant electrical events occur. Many people may want to try to do it themselves, but by using an electrician Lewisville TX homeowners can trust, they can avoid any accidents and create further electrical issues. Is it the lights or sockets that aren’t working correctly?  It could be a sign of problems with your wiring, which are hidden beneath the surface. If you are having trouble with light bulbs, there is a good chance that the bulb is obsolete; you may confirm this by changing the bulb. If it still isn’t functioning, contact an electrician as soon as possible.

Electric panels are another reason you’d need an electrician. Have you recently moved into a home that was built many years ago? Inviting an electrician for an inspection is a good idea. However, remember that only a licensed electrician can tell you whether your panel is in good working order or needs to be upgraded or repaired.

Finally, you need to hire an electrician to complete any installations you need to be done. Various appliances, such as recessed lights, landscape lighting, electric gates, electric car chargers, CCTV cameras, hot tubs, and fireplaces, can only be installed properly by a professional who knows everything about the electrical wiring and the equipment that needs to be placed. Furthermore, most homeowners’ insurance and appliance warranties will only be valid if the installation is done by a professional.

Look no further if you require general electrical services Lewisville. E.P.I.C. Electric has you covered! Contact us now!

Do you need help with Electrical Maintenance?

We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

Top Qualities to Look For in a Lewisville TX Electrician

A reliable Lewisville electrician can be difficult to find. We are one of the top businesses in all of Lewisville. Before you hire just any Lewisville electrician, some essential qualities to be sure of include:

License and insurance: the company should be licensed and insured. Only this way can you ensure that they are keeping your interests as their priority. A licensed company will never risk their license by scamming you.

Transparency: Second, before beginning the work, the company should offer you an estimate. Unfortunately, some electricians don’t give an exact estimate before starting the work and as a result, the customer is surprised when they are presented with a hefty bill after the job is finished. 

Responsiveness: the company you are contacting should be responsive. A responsive business is a responsible business. We will ensure that all the repair work and installments are done within the given time frame. Additionally, this aspect is essential when you are contacting an electrical company in an emergency.

Experience: the electricians should be experienced and well-trained. Companies often have a person dedicated to watching over their electricians’ work on a property to ensure excellent quality.

Knowledge: the electricians should have in-depth knowledge about all of the issues you are contacting them about. An excellent way to judge this is by asking them all of the questions on your mind and comparing their answers to those of a  reliable source.

All these qualities broken down above are also the reasons to hire E.P.I.C. Electric. We love helping Lewisville residents and we truly believe that we are the best option to help you. Click here for more information about us.