Since 2009, your local electricians at E.P.I.C. Electric have been serving the Metroplex with honesty and integrity.


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When Do You Need A Southlake Electrician?

If any unfortunate electrical incidents occur, you may need a Southlake electrician to help manage your electrical needs at your home or office. We strongly advise our customers to never try to fix the electrical problems themselves because taking that route has the potential to create further damage. For example, if you are noticing your lights or sockets are not working correctly,  it may be an indication of problems beneath the surface with your wiring. If you only see problems in light bulbs, there is a good chance your bulb is outdated; you can check that by changing the bulb. If it still does not work, our Electrician Southlake TX is here to help. Call us right away!

Another reason you would need an electrician is to evaluate, repair, or replace your electric panels. Have you recently moved to a house built years ago? Call an electrician for an inspection. Remember that only an electrician who is true to his job will tell you if your panel is functioning well or if it requires an upgrade/repair. An electrician will also check your breakers, so if there’s an emergency or one of your appliances gets damaged, your house will be protected because the breaker will instantly stop the flow of electricity to that socket. 

Lastly, it is best if you call an electrician in for any installation work. Various appliances can only be best handled by a professional who knows everything about the electrical wiring and the device that needs to be installed, whether it is recessed lights, landscape lighting, electric gates, electric car chargers, hot tubs, CCTV cameras, and fireplaces. It is important for all of these to be installed properly. In addition, the homeowner’s insurance or the appliance warranty, in most cases, only works if you had the installation done by a professional. If you think you need a specialized electrical services Southlake TX, look no further, E.P.I.C. Electric has got your back!

Do you need help with Electrical Maintenance?

We have over 12 years of experience maintining electrical systems in facilities like yours.

The Best Electrician Southlake TX Locals Adore!

At E.P.I.C. Electric, we are true to our name. We love doing wonders for your home or commercial projects. When you call us for electrical needs, we ensure that we send a general electrical services Southlake locals can stand by. We are a licensed business that has been providing services in this domain for years now. Our electrician Southlake TX homeowners love and appreciates all of the positive customer feedback that we consistently receive. Whether it is installation or repair work, our electricians ensure they are well-equipped for the job before they show up at your house. We do not leave your home until you are completely satisfied with our work and we have explained everything about the repair or installment that we completed for you.

We believe that the reason for our continued success is the concern we have for the well-being of our customers. From bringing forward money-saving solutions to briefing customers about ways to use electricity and electrical appliances efficiently, we leave no questions unanswered and pride ourselves in delivering the premium service our customers signed up for. So, if you are looking for a company that works to offer peace of mind and bring comfort to its customers, E.P.I.C. Electric is the name you should remember! Click here to know more about us.